System Integration

Our Systems Integration jobs generally fall into two categories: New System Design and Process Evaluation and Improvement. They range from getting two machines communicating with each other to orchestrating an entire production process across multiple rooms and lines.

New Systems Design

You know what you want to bring into one end of your production line and get out the other. Let Raynor Adams handle everything in between. Raynor Adams has been in the custom machinery and high speed packaging industries since 1981, let our years of experience improve your next production line. We have a broad knowledge of the industry leaders in many machine niches. We help choose tooling and specify machines manufactured by industry leaders in their respective fields to create the heart of your new production system.

    1. We evaluate your current facility or help you design a new facility to maximize the productivity of your floor space and workforce.
    2. We evaluate the necessary production process and help you decide on the best machine builders for your product.
    3. We develop the overall layout of the production line and match the machines to each other to make sure the process is as seamless as possible.
    4. We design and build any custom machinery or tooling needed to alter a purchased machine.
    5. We design and build machinery to perform any function for which a suitable commercial solution is not available.
    6. We design the overall system architecture and control scheme to get the machines working together at maximum efficiency.
    7. We design the supervisory control systems to coordinate the individual machines and report data to higher level data collection systems.

Process Evaluation and Improvement

We are also equipped to evaluate and improve on existing lines. This includes retrofitting or adding capabilities to an line as well as upgrades and new layouts. Please see Engineering Services for more information.