Visions Systems

Raynor Adams is at the forefront on machine vision integration. We have designed well over 100 unique systems for a wide range of applications. Our experience with machine vision, machine design, and programming all work together to produce superior vision systems.

Camera Selection

There are many different camera vendors each trying to differentiate their product and capture a market segment. We utilize a manufacturer independent approach so that we can match each camera brand's strength with the application and customer preference. Our working knowledge of many different systems help us to intelligently choose the correct platform.


Lighting is a critically important but often overlooked portion of machine vision design. Proper illumination can make short work of tough applications. Raynor Adams' innovative lighting designs have lead to many successful applications and patents.

Material Handling

A reliable camera and lighting set up is only half of the battle. We must be able to reliably and repeatable process the results from the camera into real world actions such as rejecting a non conforming package or maneuvering a robot into place. Raynor Adams' years of machine building experience allow us to excel with the material handling aspects of our vision systems.